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/23/2016- Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:20 am #43863 Hello, I plan to make an USB password wallet controllable by wifi. I imagine an esp8266 as AP sending the password emulating an USB keyboard.

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All of the IO pins have interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire support except D0.

An open-source firmware based on ESP8266 wifi-soc - NodeMcu

WiFi-enable a wide variety of USB devices using an ESP8266 and a USB host shield. For example, add a WiFi interface to a USB barcode reader or a USB RFID keyfob reader. The USB Host for Arduino driver project has added support for ESP8266 so here are some of my experiments.

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MIFARE ICs can interact with Near Field Communication (NFC), and communicating through NFC means that MIFARE products can also be managed and implemented via NFC-enabled mobile devices, such as smartphones, watches, and more.

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/12/2018USB HID / MIDI / mass storage library for STM32F1

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WHID 代表基于 Wi-Fi 的 HID 注射器,即对 HID 攻击进行无线化攻击的一种注入工具。. 实验攻击原理如下图: 攻击者使用ESP8266作为AP,在自己的电脑创建客户端连接AP。在客户端键入命令发送到ESP8266,它再利用串口转发给Arduino Leonardo。

Cypress PSOC 4 + ESP8266 WS2812 RGB XMAS Lights - Hackadayio

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ESP8266 USB HID library? - Question - Mbed

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ESP32 is capable of functioning reliably in industrial environments, with an operating temperature ranging from –40C. Powered by advanced calibration circuitries, ESP32 can dynamically remove external circuit imperfections and adapt to changes in external conditions.

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HID library/module for ESP8266? - MicroPython Forum

Arduino ESP8266で一眼レフ用無線リモートレリーズを作ってみた Espressif社より先行公開されたBluetooth HIDデバイスのデモコードを動かしてみました。

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Arduino, ESP8266 Android, iOS Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Internet from anywhere. Four steps for goal. 1. Create graphical interface. 2. Download source code. 3. Connect wire module. 4. Install mobile app for controlling. HOW IT WORKS! Use graphical interfaces for robot control. EXAMPLES!

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Emulate HID base on java,WIFI ESP8266 Arduino 3D mouse

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Typing into ESP8266 with a USB keyboard. Ask Question 1. I need to be able to connect a USB keyboard, like a tiny Xbox keyboard, or a nice wireless one, into an ESP8266-based thing to type passwords into the MCU. they're wireless transceivers that provide USB HID interfaces. if you can get the libraries working on the ESP8266, which may

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るいは、ESP8266とパソコンがシリアル接続可能な場合は、シリアルコンソールを開いた状態でESP8266の電源を入れると「Connected to SSID」に続いて「IP address: xxx. xxx. xxx. xxx」の出力を得られるはずです。

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WiFi RFID Reader: 4 Steps - instructablescom

The main idea was to read in 13. 56 MHz RFID (tags / tokes / stickers / wristbands / cards) by a magic box and post the RFID UID to a local database by WiFi network. This instructable builds the base of the whole system - the first working RFID reader on ESP8266 WiFi SoC. (many thanks to nikxha from